Why buying vintage clothing rocks.

Ordinarily the statement above would be worded more like “vintage clothing rocks.” PUNTO, PERIOD, FINAL STOP, NO NEED FOR FURTHER EXPLANATION.

However, today this statement does require an explanation and here’s why. I went shopping this weekend and bought a couple of new blouses, and when I pulled out my wallet to pay I thought “this feels weird.” It wasn’t until today that I realized why. “Why?” you ask? Well, I’ll tell you why. I just realized today that I bought practically no new clothing in 2006. Now before you say anything, let me explain. I did buy some new stuff…when I took up running last year I bought running shoes, a pair of super-wicking running pants and socks, I also bought a couple pairs of flats for work and I bought a hat. But other than those items, I didn’t buy any other clothing/clothing accessories new.

However, I DID buy clothing but everything I bought was “previously-loved” via purchases at various thrift/vintage/resale stores. The really cool thing was that I didn’t feel denied at all, and let me tell you, back in the day I used to be quite the clothing shopper.

I think the reason I didn’t feel denied at all is because, to go back to my headline, VINTAGE CLOTHING ROCKS. I think that what’s really fun about shopping used clothing stores is that it gives you the opportunity to find pieces that (probably) no one else will be wearing. Also, if you use clothing as a way to express yourself, you can always find super interesting pieces at thrift stores. Like the knee-length sleeveless wool dress encrusted with crystals in a spider-web pattern (wore that one to a masquerade party) or the floor-length quilted cranberry-colored velvet coat with iridescent silk-lining (have worn that one everywhere from the Kaiser Ball in Vienna to a house party in West Hollywood)…the list goes on and on.

Also, the quality of vintage clothing is amazing and affordable. I have a bespoke wool hair walker coat from a high-end department store that (fortunately) fit me and is incredibly beautiful and cost only $15 but looks like it cost $1500. Sometimes you can’t even get the quality you can get in vintage stores anymore no matter what you pay. The quality of many textiles has been severely degraded by the use of pesticides and fertilizers and fibers like commercially grown cotton are just no where near the qulity of older cotton or organically grown cotton garments.

So go shopping, but before you hit the usual stores, maybe stop by your local thrift store and see if you can’t unearth any treasures! Maybe you’ll find that you don’t miss shopping the usual places anymore…I know I did!

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  1. most definately! almost everthing the kids wear has either been handed down to them, sewn by me, or thrifted. given the description of your finds – i want to know where you are shopping!

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