Fun Holiday Craft: Pomanders

I love making Pomanders, they simply smell amazing.  If you do it right they last for years (I have one that is 15-years old!), and they make lovely ornaments for your ChristmasRead More…


An Exercise in Happiness

Science has shown that giving thanks and reflecting on one’s blessings is an excellent way to raise your level of happiness, and since this is the week of Thanksgiving I thought IRead More…

Howcast Sustainable Living Series IN THE CAN

I had a blast shooting a Green Living series with Howcast last week in New York. Stay-tuned for 50 short (1-3 minute) actionable videos to be released on Howcast and YouTube in the near future.



Design Upgrade: making a $26 weekend bag as lovely as a $525 one!

Ask anyone who knows me and you’ll find out that I’m not a big handbag person.  On any given day I’m just as likely to be carrying a random reusable grocery bagRead More…


Design 101: Mixing High and Low

You often hear in fashion magazines about the benefits of mixing “high and low” with high meaning expensive, designer pieces and low meaning everything else.  It’s a good practice because it keepsRead More…


Flowing Top + Skinny Jeans + Fun Flats = My Mom Entrepreneur Uniform I

I like fashion.  Notice I say “like” and not “love” (I’m no Carrie Bradshaw!)  And my idea of fashion is not what XYZ magazine says I should be wearing, but simply choosingRead More…


Flamethrower: Bucky Fuller

In honor of Valentine’s Day, a little bit about my favorite flamethrower: Bucky Fuller (July 12, 1895 – July 1, 1983) “Love is metaphysical gravity.”  ~Bucky Fuller R. Buckminster Fuller was an AmericanRead More…


Design 101: Tableaus

In my design work, I believe it is the little details that take something from good to great.  A good outfit becomes great with the right bracelet, belt or scarf. The sameRead More…


Stylish Summer Mommy

Just because the majority of my days are spent running after a rug rat, does not mean that I can’t look half-way put together!  This outfit is at the core of myRead More…