Lush, Beautiful and Low-Water Use Landscaping IS a Reality

I live in Los Angeles where the sun is abundant but the rain, not so much. Or actually, we do get rain it’s just not spread out of the year and it’sRead More…


TED talk: Frugal Innovation

This is one of my favorite TED talks. The key takeaway: how can you utilize that which is plentiful to gain access to that which is not? For Southern Californians like meRead More…


Product Review: Chef Le Mieux Julienne Peeler

I’m always looking for multifuctional products in my home. If something can’t do double duty, then I don’t want it!  Especially if something is bulky and will take up precious storage space,Read More…


Lamps are like Earrings for a Room

My living room looked good but not “finished.” “It’s missing something,” I thought to myself. I allowed my subconscious to ponder the problem, I find these sorts of things are best solvedRead More…


Easy Earring Organization Hack

When my daughter started playing with my bowl of earrings I needed an earring organization option that would move my jewelry out of her reach ASAP.  So I ran to my “miscellaneousRead More…


The Adventures of Science Mom: The Invention Table

As some of you may know I am “Science Mom” at my young child’s co-op and am responsible for a scientific activity once-a-week. I try to do 3-5 week modules in orderRead More…


Champagne Bottle Chandelier

Here is a design project you can do with all the leftover bottles you’ll have tomorrow morning! I created this “Bubbly Chandelier” for my (now closed) retail store Green and Greener backRead More…


Our Articles

Over the years I have written a number of articles related to sustainable living.  These have now been repackaged to be available for purchase as e-articles.  They range from 3 – 10Read More…


Optimize, Clear Out and Fix for the New Year

Humans are creatures of habit and we get stuck in ruts. As one clever saying goes: “the only difference between a rut and a ditch is the depth.” I make a consciousRead More…


Cave Digging as Art

Check out this amazing and inspiring video about a man who is carving “nature cathedrals” out of sandstone in New Mexico. His work is transcendental. #RaPaulette #CaveDigger