PUSH with Chalene Johnson

@ChaleneJohnson free course on goal mastery 30DayPush.com is a gold mine of new ideas. SHE’S RELATE-ABLE AND ORIGINAL! I’ve read, watched and listened to a lot of experts in the fields ofRead More…



In the spirit of REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE, I always try to buy used items first. And between EBAY and Amazon Marketplace this is incredibly easy.  Be sure to “FOLLOW” my blog withRead More…


The Zika virus is not causing birth defects (but I know what is)

This is some very compelling information about the current concern surrounding Zika virus. Information is power. Thanks Marianna for sharing.


Video: Why I want you to be a spark in the world!

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The Adventures of Science Mom: Volcanoes

I am a big believer in paying attention to what your child expresses interest in and then teaching him or her around that concept in as many ways as possible. Over theRead More…


Rethinking School

I distinctly remember the first time I thought our educational system was broken: it was when I was a student teaching assistant at USC. I was 18 or 19 the first timeRead More…


Halloween Candy Science Experiments

Just in time for Halloween, TIME magazine posted this not quite NEW news item http://time.com/4087775/sugar-is-definitely-toxic-a-new-study-says/ So if you are like me and only let your child eat a few pieces of candy,Read More…


Word of the Day: Uestress

I was listening to Stephen Covey the other day and he mentioned this word that I’ve never heard before?  Even though stress, in theory, is a neutral word, it has come toRead More…


Turn your complaint list into your gratitude list

I can’t take credit for this image, and I wish I knew where it came from, but it illustrates a great point. This is how easy it can be to do yourRead More…


Why Ban/Boycott Plastic Microbeads? Here’s a good 2-minute video explaining.

I’ve been blogging for awhile about the need for companies to IMMEDIATELY stop using plastic microbeads in their skincare, bodycare and toothcare products.  They need to be banned and boycotted…and someone needsRead More…