Edible Utensils

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In the spirit of REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE, I always try to buy used items first. And between EBAY and Amazon Marketplace this is incredibly easy.  Be sure to “FOLLOW” my blog withRead More…


Flamethrower: The Iron Cowboy James Lawrence

I just recently gave an award-winning speech, I can’t post it yet as the competition is on-going…but I will as soon as I can, and included James Lawrence in it. If youRead More…


The Impact of a Book

This amazing work of art touches me profoundly.  Choose the right books. Thanks Kim for sharing!  Be sure to “FOLLOW” my blog with the links at the bottom of the page (mobile)Read More…


Solution for the Plastic Garbage in the Ocean!

High school student invents brilliant solution for the plastic garbage ocean problem.


Video: Why I want you to be a spark in the world!

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Book Review: Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy

I first read Looking Backward (LB) over 20-years ago, and it was so inspiring to me that I’ve never forgotten it.  That’s the power of great ideas: they never die. I wouldRead More…