Edutainment: Tips for Making Any Presentation More Memorable

Every person who speaks, whether they are giving a business presentation, reciting a poem or singing a song, wants to be remembered. If people don’t remember you, how can they invest in your company, buy your product or check-out your website?

I have decades worth of experience in public-speaking and am an award-winning speaker. I also have an MBA (master’s in business administration) and have created a workshop that will help you be a better presenter no matter the audience or the topic.

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“If you want an audience to be entertained, educated, and moved to action, book Alegre…” -Jose Angel Manaiza, Jr., Program Director for The California Women’s Conference & Contributing Writer for The Huffington Post

“She is a dynamic, focused, caring, and impassioned person…” -Douglas Green, Psychotherapist,  Author “The Teachings of Shirelle

“You are an amazing speaker…I personally learned a lot…from what you taught us.” -Jennifer M., LAUSD High School Student

“Very Inspirational ! I’m impressed with how much of a wallop you can pack in such a relatively small amount of time, like Ali!!” -Frank B., Instructor, UCLA Extension