Intuitive Cooking Classes in 2017

SAVE THE DATE I’ll be teaching a cooking class called “Intuitive Cooking: How to Unleash your Creativity by Learning to Cook without Recipes.” The focus of this class will be Salads, SoupsRead More…


LA finally has a bike share program

And now for some non-election news… The good news: LA has a bike share program The bad new: it’s only in the Downtown area Here are all the details: https://bikeshare.metro.net/


Inspiring: Assume the Best

Back in June I had pitched myself to an organization for a set-of workshops. Initially they showed a lot of interest in my proposal, however, after a few weeks I received aRead More…


Holiday Shopping: Shop from your Friends

A couple of friends of mine (thanks Michelle and Victoria!) posted this on their Facebook feed and I thought it was such a good idea I had to share it. This isRead More…


Get Moving: Fun 22-minute No Equipment Workout

I’m always looking for fun and SHORT workout to fit into my busy entrepreneur mommy schedule, and this is my new fave. Self Magazine Bodyweight Routine: http://www.self.com/story/try-this-bodyweight-sculpting-routine-before-you-leave-for-work This work-out takes 22-minutes toRead More…


Recipe: Spinach Artichoke Dip

There is a big chain restaurant that I visit a couple of times a year, simply because I ADORE their spinach artichoke dip. The other day I thought to myself, “I need aRead More…


Inspiring: How September 11th Birthed Something Beautiful in Gander, Newfoundland

I always check on SNOPES before I repost something I read on Facebook, and I’m SO GLAD that this story was true (90% of the time they ARE NOT.) Thanks Stefanie forRead More…


Sustainability: FDA Bans Triclosan and 18-Other Chemical Antibacterial Ingredients

HALLELUJAH!!!! Another win for people and the planet. The FDA has banned the chemical antibacterial TRICLOSAN which has always been on the list of ingredients to avoid in bath and body productsRead More…


Do Your Best, Even When No One Is Looking

Three times this year I’ve had the soul-expanding experience of doing my best, giving my all, going ABOVE and BEYOND what I even thought myself possible of…and I did it just forRead More…